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October 15, 2008  
Ngazzokah = no more
Dear musical friends, last sunday Jim decided to quit the sunday sessions. After some weeks with a wedding a jazzfestval but most important without weekly beats our inspiration came to zero levels. Immediatly after this Dennis agreed and for me it was a natural moment to stop rehearsing sunday at spod.

it took me 16 years to get there.

lifetime friendships emerged, music was created and sometimes thoroughly discussed.
time for the three of us to explore new environments and find other soulmates.

we plan to get together in the future and enjoy
the musical and personal depth we found in each other.

the other and at the same time the truth from within

let this be an eternal source of inspiration !

August 29, 2008  
simons fiction @ bacinol
Live met Carry Dennis Jasper Jim en Bram
alles volledig ter plekke geimproviseerd.STE-002.mp3

April 28, 2008  
de break om te oefenen
Youssou N'Dour - Set - Sinebar.ogg

April 14, 2008  
Hier de nummers om te oefenen
scheme015 Track 01
scheme015 Track 02

scheme 015 Track 04

scheme 015 Track 05

January 7, 2008  
new composition
rehearsal material
here we have a new song recorded in SPOD on 17-02-2008. It was the first song composed with Jim and Dennis left and of course our laptop with drums. Fortunately the laptop had some power problems so you can hear the music clearly. Since it was a rehearsal there's some playing before we actually started the song itself. It starts at 44 seconds. The song is called: Reunion
Ngazzokah - reunion.mp3

June 8, 2007  
May 04, 2007: Ngazzokah Live @ SJU Jazz, Utrecht
Listen to the track Mr. Abbozzi from SJU Jazz performance:

Chakra Anahata Heart / Mr. Abozzi pt1
Chakra Anahata Heart / Mr. Abozzi pt2




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